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(no subject)
i feel restless. this week is the Fall tour at my work and we had to stay late yesterday
we closed the store @ 7 but we didn't end up going home till 10:0ish :(

i have been working on my projects but i still need a few this little things >_<
i need to buy varnish to finish my shoes
and i need and XL white t-shirt and i need more nails
i was on a roll the other day designing the nails but then i ran out of nails, lame lol

i getting sick~! that sucks~!

i want to eat Japanese food again.

i need to pay the cell phones~! ! !
i need to pay my credit cards~! ! !
i need to pay the house phone~! ! !

geez im never gonna finish cleaning my room lol
i just want to finish all these projects so i can set up my etsy
clean all this stuff off my floor!

man! i haven't watched any dramas in my 3 weeks!
i kinda miss it but it takes up soooooo much time
but i guess being online is the same >_<
i must stay off the computer

ai! electronics are so confusing sometimes
but then some other times I JUST KNOW~!
weird, but i guess i don't get it cus i don't care to try to figure it out lol
i would like to take some computer classes